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The Power of the Everyday Person

Ever thought that seeing the title of a book could spark something in you to make you change? Well that’s what happened to me.

I was in my school library and noticed a book that I had heard many people talk about enthusiastically. The book is called The Power of Everyday Missionaries by Clayton M. Christiansen.

A bit intrigued by actually seeing the book, I picked it up and turned it over on my hands and then this thought came to me: “The power of everyday people is so important.”

Now, one disclaimer, I still haven’t read the book, but I hope that doesn’t deter you from the inspiration I received just from its cover.

What is an everyday person?

It’s exactly what it sounds like. It’s a person that does something consistently each day that makes that action become a part of who they are. You know, like when it comes to diet and nutrition people say, “You are what you eat.” For your personality, morality, skills, and intangible makeup, you are what you do every day.

This might be scary to some who fall out of touch with a good habit for a day or two. But really it should be encouraging.

When I came home from school for Spring break my mom and I had a discussion about this
very topic. She told me that while teaching one of her young piano students she told him, “Now, if you miss a day of piano practice, that doesn’t make you no longer a pianist.”

He caught on pretty quickly and said, “Yeah. Just like the struggling alcoholic who quits alcohol for one day because his folks come into town doesn’t cease to be an alcoholic.”

Now, one other caveat. I really hope this blog doesn’t discourage you and make you think of all the things you aren’t doing or overcoming. If you’re an alcoholic, if you’re struggling with pornography, or other addictions, or if you struggle to start good habits like exercising, or reading your scriptures, I hope you can be encouraged by the fact that by doing small things today you can go from alcoholic to an overcomer. From struggler to a master. From a taker to a giver.

I think Elder Holland (who was President of BYU when he said this) says it best:

“If for a while the harder you try, the harder it gets, take heart. So it has been with best people who ever lived.” – Jeffrey R. Holland
So if today it seems hard to do great things, remember that it’s by the small things that great things are brought to pass and start being an everyday person.

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